在2011年認識了一位喜歡攝影的朋友,在他慫恿下買了我第一台單鏡相機Nikon D3000,之後就愛上了攝影,因為我終於可以用攝影將我腦海中的畫面呈現出來。
自2013-2016期年間,我不繼自我學習加上朋友和客人的信任,給我機會拍攝他們的婚禮和婚紗相,使我進步相當之快。之後我終於創辦了COOPEER CHAN STUDIO攝影公司,全職投身攝影事業。



在2018年下半年我開始參加國際攝影比賽,並在兩年間獲得超過100多個國際攝影比賽獎項。並在歐洲COSMO /歐洲PWS /意大利WPI分別獲得第一名,美國WPPI / AsiaWPA /法國WPE分別獲得第二名。 MPA 英國大師攝影協會LMPA

“I grow up from a small city, Hong Kong. I have been studying drawing since I was a child, but because of my limited talents, I often failed to express myself on the drawing paper, and I finally gave up.”


“In 2011, I met a friend who liked photography. With his encouragement, I bought my first SLR camera Nikon D3000, and since then I fell in love with photography because it helps me to express the visions in my mind.”


“In 2013, I met a makeup artist and started my first wedding photography thru her referral. That shooting session turns out to be the turning point in my life! I finally found my goal and direction of career, as found out that I love capturing the emotions and gestures of the subjects, and the emotions in weddings are the most natural and true feelings. On that day, I decided to become a professional photographer.”


“In 2013-2016, I continued to learn photography by myself. Thanks to the trust of my friends and clients who giving me opportunities to photograph their weddings, which allows me progress quickly to another level.  I founded Cooper Chan Studio and became a full-time professional photographer.”


“Since then, I won many Hong Kong wedding photography awards. I was selected as Hong Kong's Top 10 Wedding Photographers by AllAbout Wedding Magazine Hong Kong for two consecutive years between 2018-2020.”


“In order to proof my ability, I participated in many international photography competitions in the last two years. I am very glad that I have won more than 50 awards so far. And out of all the awards, I am most proud of myself in winning the 1st place of the European COSMO / European PWS / Italy WPI, and the 2nd place in the United States WPPI / AsiaWPA / French WPE



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